My name is Chana. When I got to Alabama leaving Texas, I weighed myself and I was 260 lbs. That was a lot of weight to me and I decided that I wanted to lose weight. That was July 4th, 2019.

On July 7th, I went to the doctor and found out I was a diabetic. So that put me in a different feeling with myself. I decided it was time to take charge because I did not want to be on insulin or even weigh that much. I knew Wanda through a family member so it was said to seek out her and her coaching. I’m so glad I did.

I am now 45 lbs down and no longer a high-risk diabetic. Working with her was a big help. She educated me on what I was going through and not only that she would give you knowledge that you can research so you can have it for yourself, that’s what I appreciate about her. The saying is knowledge is power.

She is so encouraging. You can lose 1 pound or many pounds and she makes you feel good about yourself. Always encouraging you to keep the goal that you want in your life and she’s behind it 100%.

I recommend anybody who is serious about being educated on how to become healthy. I’m so glad I met her. She’s continuing to still help me with my health. Also she’s a good listener and someone to talk to.

I went to my family doctor to get a full workup examination in preparation for grad school in August 2019. When my blood work came back, it reflected that I was a full diabetic with my A1C being a 10 and I weighed 252 lbs. My doctor wanted to put me on the medication Metformin but I refused to be on any medication because I was well aware that there were healthier ways to control my blood sugar. I turned to Wanda Trotman who introduced me to more effective ways and healthier products to control my blood sugar.

After the first month of coaching and using the products suggested, changing my diet and incorporating daily exercise my A1C came down to an 8 and I had lost 7 lbs and by January 2020, my A1C came down to a 6.75 and I had lost 20 lbs.

My experience working with Wanda Trotman was great. She checked in at least once a week and was always encouraging and informative. She always came with a different method to incorporate into my journey of healthier living.

I learned it takes discipline, self-determination, consistency, and faith to get the results a person desires. Wanda Trotman provides the tools, knowledge, and guidance but it is up to the individual to put into practice the information Wanda Trotman gives.

I would recommend Wanda Trotman’s coaching to anyone looking for alternative and natural methods to medication prescribed by regular doctors and to anyone who wants to start living a healthier lifestyle.

When I initially spoke with Mrs. Trotman, I was struggling with several health issues, which included a poor appetite, being tired, sleep deprivation and chronic with fatigue. Since she and I begin to work together, I can honestly say that I have experienced much better health. I have more energy clarity of thought, no fatigue, sleeping better and longer as well as a stable and healthy appetite. I have been able to increase the distance that I walk and add several other exercises to my regimen.

Working with Mrs. Trotman was a sheer joy. She has the kind of personality that made me feel free and comfortable discussing anything with her. She has a gifting of attention to detail and she made me feel like my health and my personal health concerns were the most important things in the world. She has this “can-do” attitude that is contagious. I felt inspired to stick with her recommendation. She empowered me to create and stick to a regimen that is custom-made to my lifestyle. She did an excellent job of educating and equipping me so that I could be well informed about my health and options for improving my health. As a result of her coaching skills and my listening to, adhering to and following her recommendations, I have experienced a notable improvement in my health within a few short weeks.

I would recommend Mrs. Trotman’s services to anyone who is serious about improving their health.

I have known Wanda T for a number of years both personally and professionally.  It would be easy to go on and on about what a wonderful person she is and how helpful she has been to me on my journey. But that is not what I want people to understand about her.  Like many of us, I know what I am supposed to do regarding my health. I just don’t do it.  We bounce around from one fad and diet to another not accomplishing what we need to. There are so many ways, so many schools of thought, so much information, I became overwhelmed and did nothing…procrastinated.

She is patient, gently persistent, and amazingly adaptable. She is like a human GPS. Once the goal is set, regardless of a turn or change in direction I make, she hangs in there – will reroute and keeps me focused on that goal.

I am hard to work with and want to do things my way. I do my own research but I know I can’t do this alone. I stay with her because she truly has a wonderful way of talking and explaining and making me feel comfortable.  She doesn’t press me when I disagree and don’t want to do what she suggested, there’s no stress, no problem and again she reroutes.

To sum it up, she makes me feel it’s all about me and is there to help me do it my way.

In the last couple of years, I have gained a lot of weight because of poor eating habits and a lack of exercise. I have tried to lose weight by trying several diets ranging from a low carb diet, weight watchers etc. But I was unsuccessful.

After my failed attempts with all the other diets, I decided to give coach Wanda Trotman a try. Wanda taught me that what I needed was a lifestyle change. She told me that my approach to weight loss needed to be a holistic experience. She first helped me to identify what was causing me to crave certain food and therefore, was causing me to overeat. She then taught me to learn the nutritional content of the food that I was consuming with their hormonal, emotional, and physical impact on my body. These are the some of the highlights on how her coaching style was successful with me.

One of the things that I like about coach Wanda’s approach is that it is individualized. Because of her approach, not only did I lose the weight but I also saw a change emotionally. Her approach helped me physically and emotionally.

The new insight about Coach Wanda’s approach is that she helps you identify and acknowledge the problem. Then, she guides and helps you find long-term solutions.

I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND Coach Wanda Trotman!!!

Mrs. Wanda Trotman and I have been “Besties” for 45 years so my testimonial may appear – no, it is a bit biased but it is also very authentic.

My coaching sessions with Wanda began long before she became an official Nurse Coach. She is the epitome of a “true blue” friend who has coached me through a myriad of events in my life experience.

Most recently, she began coaching me in the area of physical health. I thoroughly appreciate her strategy of ASSESS, ACKNOWLEDGE, ASSURE, ASSIST & ACCOUNTABILITY.

Her affective conversational style allows her to subtly ASSESS your situation. Her responses are genuine and a reflection of the fact that she is not only listening to you but she hears you.

She is quick to ACKNOWLEDGE your current situation and ASSURES you that it’s OK. She encourages you to remember that your past doesn’t determine your future.

Then she goes into “Beauty Mode” (as opposed to “Beast Mode”) to ASSIST you in understanding how things work in your body. She educates you about the power of the human body, which if properly nourished, has the power to heal your life. She then equips you with a sensible, customized game plan that, if followed, will facilitate your success if you take ACCOUNTABILITY.

There is so much more I could say but suffice it to say…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COACH WANDA TROTMAN to anyone who seriously wants to make the rest of their years, the best of their years.

Over the last 18 months, I noticed a drop in my weight, heavier menstrual cycles, depression and experiencing a lack of sleep. I had dropped over 60 pounds over the 18 months. After hearing about Mrs. Wanda Trotman and the services that she provides, I decided to give her a call.

I provided some details pertaining to my daily nutrition intake, exercise and sleeping patterns. Mrs. Trotman informed me that she thought the root cause of my issues was a lack of nutrition and vitamin intake. I was educated on the benefits of the proper nutrition intake and foods that are high in those lacking nutrients. I was in total awe when discovering what a vitamin deficiency can do to the body and the body’s reaction to the shortage.

After following the recommendations from Mrs. Trotman my depression has decreased considerably, I am getting more restful sleep at night, and my menstrual cycles are under control. Mrs. Trotman also informed me that I am at a healthy weight for my height and age.

Mrs. Trotman has given me tools that have changed the way I view my daily nutrition intake. She provided educational videos for research that were extremely beneficial and helpful to my concerns. I am appreciative for the knowledge that she has and is willing to share. Mrs. Trotman has given me tools that have changed the way I view my daily nutrition intake. She provided educational videos for research that were extremely beneficial and helpful to my concerns. I am appreciative for the knowledge that she has and is willing to share.

If you are seeking knowledge pertaining to nutrition, I highly recommend Mrs. Wanda Trotman.

The first time I heard “Heeeyyyy Sherrrrryyyylll”, I knew that Wanda and I would be friends. The only thing that could possibly come between us is LSU and Alabama football and we didn’t care!

Wanda, first of all, is so very kind. Genuine kindness. We shared so many things and she brought those things up again in our coaching session to see how they were affecting me and I didn’t even realize it.

She is next, extremely intelligent and loves to learn. She is already a Nurse Practitioner but that didn’t stop her from asking and requesting some organization pointers from me and she implemented them to her advantage.

She also studies nutrition and that is where she really shines. I wanted to lose about 10-15 pounds and was trying everything. Weight loss has never been an issue with me and I love to exercise but the few extra pounds just weren’t leaving. Age and hormones I thought.

Anyway she got me on track nutritionally and within 2 weeks I had lost 4 pounds and now I have clothes that are too big!!! I needed extra protein and potassium and she directed me to the best supplements since I could not eat that much food!! Sleep was another problem. Wanda’s wisdom kicked in again and together we have come up with a regimen that should work well.

Our coaching sessions may be over but our friendship will last forever. Wanda is someone that you just want to be your “person”. That “go to” friend. She has suffered loss but is still so sympathetic to others and theirs.

Wanda is already an amazing coach. She is a health changer! I am honored to call her my Forever Friend.


Before I started working with Wanda, I had goals that I wanted to achieve but dragged my feet in doing so. I wanted to reach some very important fitness goals and she helped to do that! Fitness is very important to my overall well being and without her I don’t know if I could’ve done it. My experience with Wanda was amazing. She is so uplifting and positive. She never makes you feel bad about missing a target. Just course correct and try again. I gained several accomplishments in my short time with Wanda: reaching new fitness goals, getting my garden started, and getting coordinated for a move across the city. I learned that it’s okay to be kind to myself and that everything takes time. I don’t have to be perfect all of the time. She is the bomb dot com! I recommend Wanda’s coaching to anyone who feels stuck and wants to get the ball rolling on their overall health and well-being.